Rattlesnake Hills, Sunnyside, Washington

We are a charming, small, unique vineyard is nestled in the Rattlesnake Hills and overlooking the beautiful Columbia River Valley of South Central Washington. 

Our small size allows us to take the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly cultivate our vines to the highest possible quality grapes. Our vineyard is approximately 8 acres in size and sits at 1180 feet of elevation.

Currently, we have three acres of Sangeovese, three acres of Malbec, and two acres of Petit Verdot.  Trellising throughout uses vertical shoot positioning via a cordon wire, wind wire, and two opposing foliage wires. During the spring, row middles are typically planted in a cover crop such as wheat, barley, or rye, helping to prevent invasion of weeds and eliminate dust. The rows themselves are kept weed free throughout the year.  Drip-lines are used for irrigation using well water. Hand harvesting is used for all varieties, yielding an exceptionally clean product ready for crush.

Our vineyard condition consists of sandy loam, peppered with generous deposits of fine ash from historical Pacific Northwest volcanic eruptions. The weather in South Central Washington is generally wet in the winter and spring, followed by long periods of hot, dry weather throughout most of the growing season. The trellis uses vertical shoot positioning with a cordon wire, a wind wire, and two movable foliage wires. The trellis system, together with significant amounts of hand work and judicious fruit thinning keeps the canopy properly balanced for the quantity of fruit on the vines. Mildew prevention uses only materials approved for organic farming, primarily stylet oil from a high volume venturi sprayer.