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Our family-owned and operated winery and vineyard are located in the Dry Creek Valley near Sunnyside, Washington. The name Kolibri, comes from the German word for hummingbird. Like our namesake, the vineyard is small and vibrant, attracting local species of hummingbirds.


About Kolibri Vineyards

Marrying the science and artistry of winemaking

Current varieties include Sangeovese, Malbec and more!

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We offer three tiers of experience with associated perks and discounts

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Kolibri Wines Malbec
Kolibri Vineyard Summer
Kolibri Vineyard Winter Snow
Red Wine Pour
Kolibri Wines Assorted
Kolibri Vineyard Sunnyside iSunset
Kolibri Vineyard Grape Crush
Wine Vineyard
Kolibri Images
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